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Monday, June 6, 2011

postheadericon So Conceited-PTU

***This tutorial is for advanced PSP users only- it is not intended for beginners***
Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice-I used a Elias Chatzoudis-here
Scrapkit-I used So Conceited by Wicked Creationz Scraps-here
 Font of choice
Mask of choice

 Open new canvas 600x600
White background-we will be deleting this later
Its just easier for me to work on
Paste frame 1 as new layer
Place in middle of canvas
Click inside with magic wand
Paste paper 4 as new layer
Invert and delete
Paste tube of choice as new layer
Center and duplicate
 Close of duplicated layer
On original layer hit delete and deselect
On the duplicated layer erase the parts of the tube hanging over
the bottom
Arrange the following elements along the bottom of your frame 
From left to right-resizing as you go
Martini glass
Angel cupcake
Lace up heart
Martini glass
Bottle of conceited
Paste flutterby as new layer and place on the left side of frame
Paste tribal flower behind the flutterby

Paste paper 3 as new layer and move to bottom of layers
Apply your mask and merge group
Don't forget to add all copyright information
Kit makers like to be acknowledged as well
Now grab your cropping tool
Crop any excess canvas we did not use

Now is when you will resize your canvas to as size 
you're comfortable with
Then you can go ahead and delete that white background layer 
so you can have a nice clear transparent background
Merge visible layers and you are finished.
Thank you for following my tutorial.